Checking Out Warmdaddy’s

On Sunday nights at Warmdaddy’s, the Rich Tucker Blues experience jams it out. It also happens that Rich Tucker, aka “Richie”, is T’s cousin. It was totally fun! We sat right in the front so our eardrums got quite a workout. Oh, they serve soul food too.
You get a fresh hot piping iron skillet full of cornbread. Seriously, it’s hot. It’s pretty good, not great. Not quite sweet enough for me.

T ordered the catfish with candied yams and black eyed peas. I didn’t taste this, but it sure looks pretty. Those catfish filets look beautiful.

I went with a fried shrimp po boy. No idea why. It wasn’t that great. It was supposed to come with sweet potato fries, but it came with half sweet potato and half regular. It was weird. I felt jipped. The sandwich came with a cajun sauce. I liked that, but it was only in the bottom of the roll, so I only got some every other bite. That’s kinda annoying, no? And of course I ordered a side of mac and cheese. It was ok too. As it got colder, it got saltier and saltier. That was a bit annoying too.

When the band is playing, it’s loud. Very loud. So don’t expect to go there for a nice romantic dinner. Service is so so. So is the food. But the music? Yeah, the music is hot. It’s just a fun place. So head down there!

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