Happy Birthday Crab Man!

On Thursday, P turned the big 3-0. Yes, it’s all downhill from here folks. In order to celebrate, he picked up a half bushel of maryland blue crab on his way home from his gig in Annapolis. I loved that it was his birthday, yet he brought us crab and fed us. It was my kind of celebration. Look at these perfect specimens of crutaceous splendor. They were a bit on the small side, but still delicious. Lots of work to get to the meat, but still worth it all. At least I was nice enough to provide the birthday boy with his beer of choice, Rolling Rock.
A also baked a cake. It was an adorable strawberry cake topped with a whipped frosting and fresh strawberries. Please excuse the crazy black sparkled candles from the dollar store. It was a bit windy outside so they all started blowing out. The cake was from a box so it tasted like fake strawberry, but heck, I like fake strawberry flavoring. Thumbs up from me on the cake!

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Happy Birthday Crab Man!
  1. Paul says:

    I’m disappointed there aren’t any pictures of my mad Wii golf skillz.

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