I Should Be In Geek Squad

Having worked in the technology or technology-esque world for the past 8-ish years or so, I’ve somehow become the family techie. When my mom’s internet died, I had to fix it. Then she told me the sound wasn’t working, so I had to fix that too. I did fix both, without much trouble. A simple reset of the wireless router (why it didn’t work when I told her to do it on the phone, I will never know) and a new audio driver download make everything good to go.

To reward me, she brought me dinner. Sure it’s no Geek Squad fee, but seriously, you can pretty much get me to do anything by feeding me. Well, just about anything. She picked up some naengmyun for me from somewhere in the H Mart food court. We’d had it before awhile back and it wasn’t very good. Someone told her they changed the recipe and that it was much better. Well, it wasn’t any better. Well, it wasn’t as bad as last time, but it still wasn’t any good.

It’s such a weird looking dish, isn’t it? It’s grey noodles (made of buckwheat), swimming in a bowl of cool beef based broth. There’s some slices of cukes and pickled radish too. A half a hard-boiled egg and some sliced egg too. Don’t you love the ghetto mini banchan (regular kimchi in one, and cucumber kimchi in the other) in plastic containers and the wooden chopsticks? The broth was the problem. The noodles weren’t that great, but so-so noodles can be redeemed by good naengmyun broth. This broth wouldn’t do. But I ate it anyway because I was starving. I’d only had a smoothie that day. I feasted mostly on the veggies. The regular kimchi was awful. The cucumber kimchi was edible, thankfully. If she ever tries to order this again from that place, I’ll put the kibosh on it.

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