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I’d been hearing about La Viola all summer long. Everyone had been raving about it. It’s not a new place, but it seemed that everyone was discovering it this summer. There are two locations, both on south 16th, the original La Viola and the bigger and slightly nicer Ouest location. Because we had a big party, we had to go to Ouest on the west side of 16th. Hence the name. Please keep in mind that the Ouest dining room apparently has more items on the menu and that dishes are about $1-2 higher than the regular La Viola. In the original La Viola, it’s much smaller and more crowded.

La Viola Ouest does not have a sign. So good luck finding it. It’s basically in a row home, so it’s a long and narrow dining room. It’s decorated very simply. Real Italians, with accents and all, are the waiters there. It’s a BYOB, so bring your own booze people! No corkage fee either, which is nice! They give you free sourdough tasting bread that is warm, and (hopefully) home-baked. I quite enjoyed it.
The prices are quite reasonable. These veal dishes above were $14, as were most of the other veal dishes. There were plenty veal dishes to choose from. I don’t know what the first one is, but it certainly looks damn fancy. Are those veal medallions? The gnocchi was only $9. What a bargain.

I went with the lobster ravioli. I absolutely love ravioli so I try to order it whenever possible. And I especially love lobster ravioli. There were only five, but they were large. I wished there were 50 more! So yes, I liked them alot. In fact, everyone loved their food! There’s so much to choose from here, I definitely have to come back and try more dishes out.

La Viola
253 S. 16th St
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La Viola Ouest – Best Of The BYOBs
  1. Candace says:

    Pretty good food, but I set up a whole thing for a bachelorette party and the entire experience was ruined! They messed up our reservation, had us at the wrong table, had no concept or ability to help with our wine, which came with explicit directions and was labeled, etc. etc. The hostess was INCREDIBLY rude and unaccommodating. When I said I thought we had the back room to ourselves she said, “Oh honey, no, that costs a lot of money,” in a very condescending way. Every thing I asked her about that was wrong, she gave me an attitude or a snide answer or comment in return.

    I asked for the manager when we arrived and then three other times and no one ever showed to talk to us. What a disappointment. Don’t ever count on them for a special occasion. I poured our table’s champagne toast myself b/c even after we were all seated, at the second table, still no one came by to do it. I confirmed on the phone at least three times that I would really like it to be poured before we arrived. (5 pm, not many other tables even there)

    I called and spoke with the hostess and managers at least 5 times setting up and reconfirming everything, and look what happened! We even confirmed that someone would be there at 12 pm so we could drop off our flowers and wine, and not only did they not answer the door at 12 or 12:30, no one even answered the phone at until after 2pm. I called all morning b/c we had to carry flowers and TWO CASES of wine around the city ON FOOT all day until our reservation. Needless to say the whites weren’t cold, so we couldn’t drink them. I felt horrible for the bride and was so embarrassed that I set it up.

  2. baccarati says:

    i prefer the original la viola, the ouest location was so loud and crazy compared to the intimate ambience of the original

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