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On Saturday, we got up late and then decided to go to a buffet. Yes, we were in Vegas, so we HAD to go to a buffet! We stayed at the Rio, and they had a buffet that always gets best buffet in Vegas, so we went for it. That was the Carnival World Buffet. It’s ginormous. It was almost too much. It was also a champagne brunch, so since it was pretty expensive, I made sure I got my moneys worth by drinking alot of cheap champagne. They had pretty much everything you could think of. They had all kinds of asian noodle soups. I tried the pho, it was bad. I had some king crab legs. They were fine, but they don’t give you crackers, so they were hard to eat. I had some pretty good chinese dumplings, and one seafood stir fry dish was amazing. The squid in this dish was perfectly cooked and flavored. They also had galbi, korean bbq. It was a bit on the sweet side, but it wasn’t half bad! Sadly, they did not have creme brulee, my favorite dessert in the world. But they had a crapload of other desserts. They had some gelato that I am happy to say was really tasty! I ate a bunch of different flavors. The dude scooping the gelato noticed how many times I came back!

After brunch, we went bowling. While there, we drank some fabulous blueberry mojitos. They came with a little sugar cane stick and nobody wanted their’s. So I munched on about a dozen sugar cane sticks. Hahahahaha! So now let me tell you about the food highlight of our trip. At
Lucky Strike, they have these fantastic appetizers – crunchy mashed potato rolls and mac and cheese bites. Oh my god! Both of these are fabulous! The crunchy mashed potato rolls are basically spring rolls filled with mashed potatoes served with sour cream. Dreamy! Now, these mac and cheese bite were just about the greatest things I’ve tasted in a long time. It’s basically mac and cheese, shaped into a little bite sized appetizer, that is somehow battered and crispy on the outside. And they serve it with a marinara type dipping sauce. Seriously people, these were brilliant! I am still thinking about them!

After clubbing on Saturday night, we had a late night bite at the All-American Bar & Grille. It was the only place open that late. I ordered chicken fingers and these weren’t chicken fingers, they were like giant freak chicken fingers. They were huge. And there was way too much breading for me. What we all liked about this place is that the fries they served, were always mixed. There was regular, seasoned waffle, and seasoned curly fries. All restaurants should do this! It mixes it up and adds some nice variety.

The last and first time I went to Vegas, it was truly a glorious dining experience. I ate some amazing food at some amazing restaurants (including Nobu!) and found the food and the service in Vegas to be pretty damn great. This time wasn’t the best food-wise, but it was still lots of fun. You have to remember that my first Vegas trip was for a convention, this one was purely for some girls’ weekend fun. But really, those mac and cheese bites were worth the whole trip! Lucky for me, we have a lucky strike in Philly!

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