Rufus In A Dress

I love Rufus Wainwright. I just do. I know we both like boys, but still, I wish I could love him. Literally, hahaha. We went to see him Friday night at the Mann, and as always, he put on a great show. Not only is he talented with his darn songwriting, musicianship, and singing, but as a live act he’s hilarious. Seriously, he should be a comedy act. This show was the first time where it was much more of an actual production. This dude that looked like Amadeus was the musical director, and there were even costume changes. Towards the end, Rufus even put on a dress, or at least a tuxedo jacket that served as a dress. He put on earrings, lipstick, a ring, and heels. And he danced around with long slim legs. I was jealous. It was absolutely fabulous. True, he could have just sung a phone book and I would have still loved it, but it really was an amazing show. I even got really cheapie discount tickets, but I so would have paid regular price! That’s how good it was!

Before the show, we went for a bite at Sangkee. It was close and the food typically comes out quickly. On a Friday night at 8, this place is hopping, busting at the gills. Perhaps not the best idea. We sat at the bar because we didn’t want to wait. But wait we did. Note to self. Sangkee on a Friday night is not a good idea if you don’t want to wait! We waited an awful lot. But we got to watch all the kitchen action. It’s a really small and narrow kitchen filled with male chinese cooks. Not a woman to be seen in that kitchen! We watched some blowtorch action, lots of stir frying, some pork hacking, it was quite entertaining.
We had the chicken satay appetizer. Man, this was good. Perfectly cooked, not dry at all, with good flavor and a zesty dipping sauce. It was a peanut based sauce, but very mildly peanutty. Plus these lovely chicken sticks came sitting on a little bed of pickled daikon and carrots, which I just love love love! K got chicken with fresh ginger and fired scallion in brown sauce? Watch out, there’s big huge chunks of ginger in this! Otherwise, it was a pretty good dish, with just enough flavor. Whatever chicken they use, I like it. It’s good chicken. White meat, but not dry.
I went with a special, singapore chicken. It came with pineapple, mango, and lychee in an “exotic” sauce. Ok, the sauce wasn’t exotic, actually fairly plain, but it was still a good dish. I like sangkee because they also give you the choice of white or brown rice. I went with the brown rice, and it was good! We had a nice meal, showed up at the Mann just in time to not have to sit through the two openers, and didn’t even have to pay the parking fee. During dinner, it had stormed like a mofo, but we missed it all! So at the show, it was nice and cool. It was a perfect night!

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