Silk Cuisine – Thai In Bryn Mawr

It certainly seems like I like thai food a lot. After all, I’ve eaten it nearly a handful of times in the past few months. The thing is, it’s not even my favorite! Of asian food, I much prefer Korean or Vietnamese. I think lately, it hasn’t been my pick, but it’s something that I’m always happy with. But not necessary my first, or second, or third choice. But always a fairly safe one.

On Tuesday night I really wanted a hot bowl of soup. Pho in fact. But I would have been happy with any big bowl of soupy noodles. Although there is a vietnamese place in Bryn Mawr, their pho is weird, so we passed on it. Z wanted thai so we headed to Silk Cuisine in Bryn Mawr. It was cold, miserable, and raining out. The place was dead. We were the second and only other party there. I guess people in the burbs don’t get out much when it’s cold and raining in August.

We started with the seafood rice soup. I tell ya, this soup is damn great. It’s a simple light broth with rice and lots of seafood. Crab claw meat, squid, and shrimp are included amongst the greens. It definitely has a strong seafood flavor. If you like seafood but don’t like stuff to smell seafoody or taste extremely from the sea, then don’t get this. But for those of you who truly love seafood, this soup is the one for you.

We ordered shrimp with bamboo. It was basically a bunch of big shrimp with bamboo shoots and other veggies in a thai basil sauce. You know thai basil sauce, it’s very distinctive and can be easily found in every thai restaurant. This dish was good. The shrimp were big, there were a lot of them, and the flavor was well dispersed through all the ingredients.

Like I said, I wanted a noodle soup dish. No noodle soup dishes were to be found on the Silk Cuisine menu. I went withe closest thing, the baked tofu. It didn’t exactly serve as a good substitute for noodle soup. There were many many slivers of ginger. And the dish had an extremely gingery flavor. I like ginger and all, but I hate biting into ginger. It’s like they used ginger as the main ingredient, not something for adding a bit of flavor. So I had to remove them all. That took a long time. The flavor of this dish was very mild and plain. Nothing exciting about it. I added some chili paste and it tasted much better. It was fine, but it wasn’t a bowl of soup and it was hard to eat. I would never get this again. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it either. Unless you want to eat straight up ginger. Not bad, but nothing that I need to eat again.

The place has a decent sized dining room. It’s decorated in typical thai style, but there aren’t that many elephants on the wall. Service was good. But it better have been. There was a 1-to-1 ratio of waitress to table.

Silk Cuisine
656 Lancaster Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA

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