Sequoia And Kings Canyon

Wednesday was my trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. The centerpieces of these parks? BIG ASS TREES. Whoa. Sequoia is home to the biggest tree in the world. 36.5 feet in diameter. 265 feet tall. When I say big, I say big. Look how small these tibetan monks look. These trees are also very orange. It was just so strange as I’d never seen trees like this before in my life.

Food in Sequoia? Ugh. Not much to be had really. It’s more of a camping park, and so really, you should be cooking up your own food on a fire you build. They do have a decently stocked market for those campers. I’d been snacking on beef jerky and fig newtons all day. I wanted real food, but there was only one little snack grill place open that had burgers and hot dogs, and I wasn’t quite feeling it. So I just picked up a cracker jack and a jones soda to go and kept on snacking for the rest of the day. It wasn’t until after I bought the soda that I noticed it was sugar free and made with splenda. Even still, it was pretty good. Look at these cute little s’mores kits that they sell. I don’t ever remember seeing anything that handy and prepared when I was growing up.

As I left the park, I took the windiest road ever. EVER. Seriously, I gave myself motion sickness driving back. It was rather unbelievable. And it took forever. I stopped in the bustling metropolis that is Visalia to get something to eat. Of what I saw, my choices were 7-11 or chinese buffet. I went with chinese buffet. As shocking as it was to me, it was actually pretty good. I had the worst expectations going in, so perhaps that helped. But really, I’ve had much worse chinese food in my life.

I stayed at the Best Western in Three Rivers. You won’t get confused, there’s only one. Outside of the office was this lime tree. Yes folks, in California, you actually see fruit trees. But not only fruit trees but citrus fruit trees! Gosh, I wish I had a lime tree in my backyard. I would make margaritas all day long! I want to say that the Best Western rocked, it really did! I even had a fridge and microwave in my room. And their continental breakfast was also great. I made myself a waffle and ate that on my drive to Yosemite. Along with a banana and some muffins, I was quite good to go!

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