Shameless Plugs In Old City

This will be my shameless plugs post. Chock full of em. On saturday night I went to a grand opening party for Indyhall. It’s a cool coworking spot where people can drop in and work, or not work, or hang out. There are no rules. I have to shamlessly plug them because they fed me. And I appreciate that from anybody. Delicious hoagies from Primo’s, fruit plate, veggie plate, some cheese and things, hawaiian punch, beer, champagne. All great stuff. Also, I’d never seen so many iPhones in one room in my life. It was surreal.

Afterwards, pseudo hosted a pub crawl through Old City. First stop was Sugar Mom’s. Sugar Mom’s at 7:30 on a saturday night, pretty much dead. They are having some $2 specials daily for Philly Fringe. This girl appreciates a beer bargain. Next stop was Lucy’s. It sucked. I only remember being there a bazillion years ago. I felt like I was at a bad frat party. Ugh. The Khyber was supposed to be next, but we skipped that for the final destination, National Mechanics. You remember this place. It’s the one with the big columns and steps on 3rd. It’s probably been a dozen different joints in the past 20 years. I remember in high school it was Revival. The last time I was there (several years ago) it was two incarnations ago. I remember that last time. Multiple floors of dancing. I met a Sixer. No more 2 floors. Just one floor. Lots of wood. Check out these adorable pint glasses they use with pictures of Philly icons. Mr. Cosby below. Rocky below that.

By this point, we were hungry. Although the hoagies did fill the emptiness in my gut for awhile, some more vittles needed to be had. We had a little crew going with new friends from the indyhall party. They ordered some calimari and some nachos. The calimari were good. Cooked well, not too chewy, decent sauce. I didn’t really get to try many of the nachos. They were fine too. They used strange beans, not enough salsa. But the chips were good.

After more random wandering and we ended up getting a slice at Soho Pizza. They have a real brick oven and all. I had a slice of sausage and it was delicious at 1:30 in the morning. Late night pizza does a body good.

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