Tapas Time

Lunch on saturday was a new experience for me. J took me to downtown Mountain View. That’s the home of google. Or at least the city is, not downtown. While we were eating, we saw a bunch of googlers. You could tell because they were wearing google tshirts. We went to Cascal to have tapas. It’s a pretty cute place. Lots of rich and warm colors on the inside. Servers wearing guyabera shirts. The place is cool.
We sat outside on the sidewalk and had some cocktails. I had a regular caipirinha and J went with the caipirinha cosmo. What a girly man. My caipirinha was good, and strong! I got a bit tipsy within a couple of sips.

We got the tapas sampler. It came with a bunch of different little things. All beautiful. There was some delicious really thinly slice ham. I’m not sure what type, but it was damn good. There was a potato fritatta type of a thing. Sorry, I can’t tell you what anything was, I can only describe it. The two little dishes had some ceviche in one and some fish in another. They were both ok. A piece of toasted bread with some kind of liver pate, which I actually liked. Deviled egg, yum! Mussel, not so bad. My favorite thing was what I thought was a mini sausage wrapped with bacon. But oh no! It was a date filled with goat cheese, then wrapped in bacon an grilled. So good! So surprisingly good. I might be going to Amada this weekend, so this was definitely a good intro.

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