Choo Choo Vietnamese

So I have a thing for hole in the wall places. This is not to say I don’t enjoy a night at mahogany laden Vietnam Restaurant, but I like my casual joints too. I went to Pho Xe Lua Viet Thai on Friday night. You know it, it’s got that big neon choo choo train in its window. You could totally miss it though if you don’t know that you’re looking for it.

I’ve only had pho or the rice flake here. Usually, it’s cold enough so I go with the pho. It wasn’t quite cold enough yet, so I went with the grilled pork and spring roll bun. Honestly, I’ve had better. The spring roll was fine, but the pork was rather odd. It seemed like big and thin pieces of pork that they grilled and then it got all folded up. It was just different than other buns I’ve had. And I prefer the other kinds. Now I know for next time, stick with the pho.

I’m not sure what C got. I think it was one of the banh hoi dishes, the combo vermicelli, the ones that come with the rice wrappers you can use to make your own little rolls. He got pork and shrimp. This place is small, crowded, extremely brightly lit, and the service is acceptable. Most of the time it is ok, but on this particular visit, our waiter didn’t understand what I asked him (and I think that I speak English nearly perfectly) and so he said to me, in a very slow and very loud way “ARE…YOU…READY…TO…ORDER”. Like I didn’t speak english. Gah, it was slightly humiliating. But hey, it certainly makes it memorable.

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