Last Saturday was Oktoberfest down in front of Ludwig’s. They shut the few blocks down, set up some tents, and brought out plenty of beer. It was all part of the Midtown Village Fall Festival. They even had a little piggy on a spit. Poor little guy, being stuck straight through its little pig bum.

There was some limited food on the menu, mainly wursts. I’m not that crazy about german food, so I passed. M&M got a pork sandwich and also got some kind of wurst. I’m not sure which type, it was some kind of ground up meat in a casing. It came with potatoes and sauerkraut. I did taste whichever wurst they got (not pictured, obviously) and it wasn’t too bad. It basically tasted like a big breakfast sausage.
M also got some apple strudel. Omigosh, this was so good. The actual apple strudel part was good, but the sauce stuff that comes with it, oh dear lord, I could have drank this stuff with a straw. Heavenly! Note to self, don’t go to Oktoberfest late in the day without having eaten all day. You will get drunk.

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    If you like Oktoberfest for the beer and not the food, have no fear because in only two week the Book and the Cook festival will be here. Every year I have my friends over to have food you can’t have everyday in Philadelphia, which is also a really great way to see many of the restaurants in Philly. The festival starts in a couple weeks, from October 22nd to the 28th, so you should start making reservations right now. I looked at their website at http://www.thebookandthecook.com, and it detailed list of the chefs, host restaurants, and the phone numbers to make reservations. I have a friend that works for them and he said AMAZING chefs such as James Peterson and Dominique Macquet are participating, so it should be a very tasty festival this year.

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