People Love Them Some Free Burritos…

Last Tuesday, the new Chipotle on City Line Ave was giving away free burritos. It’s the first Chipotle in the area. I don’t know why, but there are many people crazy about it. Really, it’s just fast mexican food. It’s not any better than any of the other chains. But there are people obsessed with it. It’s bizarre. I thought it would be amusing to head down there and check out the madness. As expected, it was nuts. The line was at least 100 yds long, and probably about 2-4 people thick. If I had gotten in line, I may have gotten to eat by 10PM. Not really my cup of tea. What we did notice is that two stores down from Chipotle was the not-yet-opened Pei Wei, the casual “asian diner” from PF Chang’s. The menu looked pretty cool, so I’m excited to check it out once it opens.
So M and I headed over to SangKee in Wynnewood because we both like it and we wanted to eat right away. M got the pan fried noodles, which is her standard go-to item there. I went with the roasted pork wonton noodle bowl. I was really wanting some roasted pork. Everything was good. Even later on a Tuesday night, the place was pretty much full. Service was attentive, as usual. My pork was a bit more fatty than I would have liked, but it was still plenty of food, tasty, and really cheap.

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