The Dining Juror

I had jury duty on Tuesday. It was excruciating. I haven’t slept well lately, and I’ve been extra hungry. And they didn’t excuse us for lunch until 1PM. I was dying. I was in Delco court, so I was in Media. Luckily, State Street in downtown Media has tons of dining choices. I ended up at La Na Thai French Cuisine. They lured me in with their lunch special sign.
I picked the lemongrass soup (tom yum) and the som tum (or at least I think that’s what it was called) which was basically a shredded cabbage salad. I haven’t been eating too many fresh fruits or veggies lately, so I picked that over some kind of fried roll. The soup was just fine and the salad was really good. Very crunchy. It had a sweet and sour fish sauce based dressing, and I tried my darndest to not get any of the sauce on me, but I probably did get some of it on my shirt. And I probably stank like fish sauce for the rest of the day. But I didn’t care, I was only going back to sitting in the jury room.
I got the drunken noodles as my entree. I’ve said before, it’s what I usually order any time I eat thai food. It’s always a solid choice and I know I like it. It was pretty darn spicy. It had two little chili peppers on the menu, and they were quite deserving. In general, the food was just fine. Nothing spectacular, but good and inexpensive. The service was so so. The restaurant itself is fairly small, with tragic tablecloths and a really bad faux paint job. For the price, it’s a good choice for lunch while suffering through jury duty.

La Na Thai French Cuisine
33 W State St
Media, PA

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