Banana Leaf, Again!

A came into town from California to spend thanksgiving with her husband’s family. She stayed with me for a few nights, and we ate up a storm. Her first night we were supposed to have a quick bite in Chinatown and then catch a free movie at the international house. Unfortunately, I was stupid and drove in by the art museum, and they had closed roads in preparation for the parade. Der. We never made it to the movie.

We did make it to chinatown and went to Banana Leaf. I still love this place. We got the Satay Tofu as an appetizer. I liked it from the first time I was here. I love that it has cucumber and bean sprouts in it. Two of my favorite things. It looks slightly gross in the photo, but I swear this stuff is good.

A ordered the Captain’s Noodles, which has flat noodles in a malaysian soy sauce with shrimp, chicken, and pork. I loved it. It had a strong and sweet flavor and I love the greens in this, which I believe is chinese broccoli. And the wide flat noodles are a favorite as well.

I knew I wanted a noodle soup dish, so I went with Seafood Lo Mein Soup. It comes with thick yellow noodles and shrimp, scallop, squid, and veggies. It was a fairly mild tasting soup, with an eggy and thick texture. I dug it.

As usual, service was good and fast. They are pretty nuts about filling up your water. You take one sip and they fill it up! They also give you a complimentary dessert, whatever this stuff is. It has tapioca and barley in some kind of green porridge. I wasn’t too crazy about it and it was pretty bland. But I love that they just give it to you. It’s very korean restaurant-esque.

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Banana Leaf, Again!
  1. albert says:

    i forget the thing i get there when i go. it’s the appetizer that’s the first thing on the menu i think. the owner told me it’s the traditional malaysian curried chicken dish with bread. loooooove it.

    great place for a quick bite.

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