Cold Food For Cold Days

The other week, I was perusing foodtv and ended up liking this Soba Noodle-Vegetable Salad recipe by Ellie Krieger. Who’s Ellie Krieger? I have no idea, but this salad looked good. Wet ingredients on the left, and “dry” ingredients on the right, it was quite simple. Why did I make this when it was 30 degrees out? Sometimes, I’m not so seasonal. This would be a great light meal when it’s hot out.

I left the mint and basil out of my version, because I’m not too into hunks of mint or basil. But it tasted just fine to me with just the cilantro. The salad is extremely crunchy and the dressing is tangy and good. It also looks quite beautiful with all the intense colors. It actually tasted even better a day later when the soba noodles had gotten more firm. When you first make it, the noodles get a bit too soft. Once refrigerated, they harden up again. Here it is served up with some of the asian inspired pickles I had made. I had gone to the food bloggers potluck and had eaten way too many of these. I made them on my own and they turned out just great. And if I can make em, anyone can make em!

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