Notes From Novemberfest

Last weekend, M and E hosted Novemberfest. A german themed beer party, guests had to bring a unique beer of their choice. And did they ever. I haven’t seen this much beer in a long time. It was everywhere. There were all different countries represented. Someone even brought smoked beer that cost $5 a beer. And yes, it tasted smoked. Like you were drinking a sausage. Gross, yet fascinating.

M spent days preparing the main dish – sauerbraten. It’s a german roasted sour meat dish. I remember having it in Germany once, and I remember liking it. She said she was preparing the meat for days beforehand. It had an intense sour flavor and since the meat was slow cooked, it was tender. I love red cabbage. It doesn’t matter how it’s prepared, I just love it. I was also starving by the time I got to the party, look how shaky I am the picture’s even blurry.
M also made some german bread and german peasant chicken legs. A brought some fried veggies. All the food was great.
The food highlight for me were the desserts. We’re not sure who made them, but someone made brownies with nuts, caramel, and coconut. And someone, it might have been the same person as the brownies, also brought the most delicious apple bundt cake I’ve ever eaten. OH MY GOODNESS. It was beyond moist, with big chunks of fresh apple. I could have eaten the whole damn thing. Seriously.

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