Random Food Items

We had another all day offsite at the ACE center a few weeks ago. This means non-stop eating. They ply us with drinks and snacks all day. Breakfast, hot and cold, ice cream, fruit, it just doesn’t stop. Lunch this time was not nearly as good as some of the other days. The hot entree selections were lacking. But the dessert selection was good, as usual. Whenever there is a buffet involved, my plate always looks like a big slop of mess. I just love variety, is all. The pie, delicious! And I made mine a la mode.

On another exciting note, I did something incredibly cool in October, I took a glassblowing class. And before class, M would make us dinner, because she’s just that cool. We had crab ravioli one night, chili another night, stew one night, and one night we had this pasta bake that she made, with sausage, ham, and peas. What’s not to love? I loved it. How come I can’t ever make something like this? Or morever, how come I never make anything like this? She said it’s the simplest thing in the world. But I just never make stuff like this, even though I love it and could eat it every day.

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