Work Lunch Outing

I typically don’t go out to eat lunch during the week. Sometimes I’ll go and grab food, but most of the time when we’re not being fed, I will bring my own. Last week my team went out for our “last supper” lunch. We’re getting a new boss. It’s quite a traumatic thing. It deserved some team commiserating. Since we’re in Conshy, there weren’t many options, and noone wanted to make a decision, so we ended up at the Boathouse. It’s not an exciting place, but it’s somewhere to go.

D got a burger of some kind. There’s bacon on it. Can’t go wrong with bacon! K got a chicken BLT sandwich? Looks pretty good, eh? The kept poaching his fries, they were good. Again, bacon on his sandwich, another winner.

R went with the chicken pesto sandwich. It’s got feta cheese on it. I’m not a fan of feta cheese, but otherwise, the sandwich sure looks good. See, it comes on a fancy “rustic focaccia” roll. I went with the good ol soup and sandwich combo. It was the soup of the day – shrimp and roasted corn chowder. Pretty good I must say. The salad was a big house salad. Much bigger than I expected. Good croutons. I picked the sesame ginger dressing. It wasn’t as much dressing as it was a marinade, so it was a bit on the strong side. I shoulda gone with vinaigrette. I had my first leinenkugel that day. You know what, I enjoyed it. Probably a bit too much…

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