Fast PF Chang’s At Pei Wei

I finally got around to checking out the new Pei Wei on City Line Ave two doors down from the Chipotle and in front of the Target. They call themselves an Asian Diner. All I know is that PF Chang’s owns/runs it, and serves some of the same dishes you can find there. The place is decent sized, colorful, and modern. Check out these big ass menus.
You order your food, and then you go sit at a table. You sit at the table they tell you to go to, after they tell you a table number. They have this whole weird plastic number circles thing going on where someone on the floor puts the numbers on the tables, after the cashier takes your order, and they tell you to go sit there. I felt like I was at the Rustler during the 80’s. It’s weird, but I guess you get used to it. Then once your food is ready, they bring it out. It’s all cooked in the open kitchen.

I think I’ve been to PF Chang’s once, or twice, honestly I don’t remember. All I remember is that the food was ok and it was served by very attractive caucasians. I remember that I liked the Dan Dan noodles, so I got it here. It has egg noodles, minced chicken, bean sprouts and cucumbers. It comes out not mixed, and you mix it yourself. It’s pretty good still.

Z got the teriyaki bowl with chicken and brown rice, and I tell you want, I’m totally in love with this thing. Totally. I could eat this every day. No fooling. I mean every single day. So good people, so damn good. The sauce is beyond good, it’s really sweet though. The chicken pieces are also well marinated and well cooked, and the brown rice. Man, I think it’s the brown rice that does it. It even adds more flavor. I LOVED IT. Screw the chicken teriyakis from the mall food court, this is the only teriyaki bowl for me.
The food comes out quickly. You get your own drinks, they have bottled as well as fountain. One annoyance was that they had lemonade as a selection, but no actual lemonade came out. Damn. But they have orange slices and lemon slices that you can put in your drinks. Score. It’s affordable, but not super cheap. But it all works out because the portions are definitely big enough for at least 1 1/2 meals. If you have leftovers, the same dude that runs around putting the numbered circles on the tables will bring you to-go boxes and bags. I’ll definitely be back, because as of Saturday, I have a new teriyaki bowl addiction.

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