Home Cooked Meal

Can you believe it, I cooked the other week. And not fish sticks, or ramen noodles, or a can of soup. I actually cooked something involving veggies, and even fish. I had to turn on the oven for goodness sakes!

This is one of the easiest, yet tasty broccoli dishes you will ever make. After boiling or steaming the broccoli and draining, mix 1 Tb each of salad oil, vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame seeds with 4 tsp sugar in a pan and heat to boiling. Pour this over the broccoli and serve. Voila.

I also made some miso glazed cod. There are many different recipes running around for miso glazed cod. I first had this dish at Nobu and there is a Nobu recipe for this. I didn’t use it. I used the Ellie Krieger recipe for miso glazed cod, which is a lot easier to make. It doesn’t require marinading the fish for 2 days. I basically made the lazyman version. It did turn out fairly well, but I think I will go with the Nobu one next time. Served with some rice and the broccoli, this was actually all fairly easy to make.

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Home Cooked Meal
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    yay for home cooked meals ;-)

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