Nifty Fifty’s

So I’ve been hankering to go to Nifty Fifty’s for months. So on the weekend before new year’s, I kidnapped C and forced him to eat food that was bad for him. For those of you that are not experienced with the throwback kitchy goodness that is nifty fifty’s, it’s basically a 50’s style soda shop. They have tons of shakes, a bazillion flavors of soda, burgers, fries, and the like (they’re famous for a filet mignon sandwich). The workers are forced to wear horrible hats. They don’t smile either, after all, you’re talking about Delco here.

I know why I came here – spicy chili cheese fries. You can get them plain, you can get them just with cheese, you can get them just hot with cheese, but no. That’s for the weak. You must get the spicy chili cheese fries. Their chili rocks. But please don’t get large! The regular sized fries are big enough for several people. They’re hand cut and deliciously bad for you. I once watched a poor sap cut potatoes for at least an hour straight. He must have been bored out of his mind.
I also got the peach soda. This is what I get all the time, but they have hundreds of flavors. And you can mix and match to customize your very own. And score – free refills!

I also got the royal burger, which is what I usually get. It’s a burger with a homemade onion ring on top. Who doesn’t love this? C went crazy and got a peanut butter oreo shake, along with his bacon cheeseburger. And even as he complained about how bad this was for him, he enjoyed every mouthful. It was pretty damn tasty, and I’m not ususally that into shakes. There’s usually a big wait here if you want a booth. So sit at the counter so you don’t have to wait. Plus you can people watch some of Delco’s finest teenagers in bad paper hats with their names on them!

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