ACE Food – Not Such A Fan Anymore …

We had our latest quarterly company update this week. Once again, we were at the ACE Center. You know I’ve enjoyed this place in the past. But I would say that the quality has been deteriorating as of late. And this time around, well, it wasn’t too hot. It was a not too exciting buffet. There was some stuffed chicken, which I got, and liked. There was also some salmon. I’m not too crazy about salmon, so I passed on that. There wasn’t much else. There were some hoagies, but I wanted fancier.

The salad was boring, with lame dressing. There was a pumpkin bisque soup which was bizarre. It was strangely sweet, like it was pie. I don’t know anyone who liked this. The wild rice was undercooked. The veggies were good! The chicken was good, as was its stuffing, but then we all noticed how pink it was. It didn’t seem pink as in not cooked, but it was strangely pinkish. A few of us complained of upset stomachs. Oye. Can you spell instestinal distress? I was not in a good way the rest of the day. It was probably also the yogurt and chocolate milk, but I blame the chicken. Not my best ACE experience.

The dessert selection was vast and varied, as usual. They never disappoint in this department. I had a piece of cheesecake and some fruit. At least they had a plethora of drink selections, including stuff from Wawa. But I won’t be disappointed if we don’t end up at the ACE next quarter.

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