My Auspicious Review

Over the holidays, I passed by Auspicious Chinese Restaurant, right next to Milkboy on Ardmore’s Cricket Ave. It seemed swanky, and strangely out of place. The name was weird, and I asked myself “is it auspiciously good?” K had told me that she got takeout from there and had liked it, so I decided to give it a shot. I decided to overlook the corniness of their website address (go ahead, click on it and find out for yourself). They also have very punny dish names. Weird.

Indeed, it is very swanky on the inside. Clean lines, dark woods, definitely not typical of a chinese restaurant. The serving staff was also caucasian. PF Chang’s anyone? Some green tea was ordered. It said it was “gourmet tea”. It seemed pretty ordinary to me.

We got the sesame chicken. It was very breaded and the portion was small. We were still hungry afterwards. We’ve both had far better sesame chicken at my local takeout place. They’re also very very stingy with their rice. You get a very small cup. Way too small for my liking. You have to ration it.

We also got the ni hao ma po tofu, or to normal people, just ma po tofu. I’ve had this before, but never this runny. It was good though, and extremely spicy. It sure would have been nice to have lots of rice to eat it with. I know it was a “lunch” portion, but come one. We’re hungry. When you eat chinese food, you expect decent portions. And espcially with the prices, they shouldn’t be so paltry.

When our check came, they brought out chocolate fortune cookies. I’ve never seen these before. I was intrigued. Then I ate it. This was the grossest thing I’ve ever had in my life. Not only did it taste bad, it was beyond stale. Even if it wasn’t stale, it would have been disgusting. Awful. Just awful! The service was ok. Nothing spectacular. You can tell it’s a pretty new restaurant. If they put a bit more effort into the FOOD and not the decor, they might have something. But it’s not for me. I’ll stick to my local takeout. It’s about the food, and thish place just isn’t anything special. Auspicious Chinese Restaurant – it’s auspiciously mediocre!

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My Auspicious Review
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  9. Jason says:

    Hi, my name is Jason and I was Faith's server. I am undoubtedly nowhere near as depressed as Faith. Faith chose to have a bad evening. She certainly NEVER asked me if anything was breaded or sweet. She did ask me to describe the Wu Tangerine beef, which I did, and she ordered it anyway, then decided she was unhappy with it. It is not the servers job to choose a dish for you Faith. It is your job to ask the correct questions and suffer the consequences if you don't! Ah, but poor Faith suffers so, I'm sure. She unfortunately never said a word about her disatisfaction with her meal because if she had we would have removed it, replace it with something else, and most likely offered her a complimentary dessert. But people like long suffering Faith have no idea how to act in public, they'd much rather go home, sulking, the get right on the internet to try to dis an establishment and try to have someone lose their job.

  10. faith says:

    Dinner at Auspicious (2/21/08) was a huge disappointment. From a waiter, Jason, who seemed seriously depressed-never cracked a smile, to portions barely enough to satisfy even the average diner, Auspicious has a long way to go if it expects to survive on the Main Line!
    I would have been embarrassed as a server to place these portions in front of my customers! The server was not very knowledgeable about the selections. I had asked if one beef dish was breaded and was told it was not. I also mentioned I did not want a sweet sauce, rather a spicy sauce. The dish he suggested came…you guessed it…breaded AND sweet!!! My husband’s chicken/basil/sauce type dish happened to be delicious, but I kid you not when I say that the portion was a tiny mound that would fit in the palm of your hand!!! I have never seen portions like this, especially in an asian/chinese style restaurant! They serve the side of rice in one of the chinese tiny tea-cups! About 3 oz…maybe!!! I have plenty of choices especially when it comes to chinese or asian fusion food..where my dollars go further and I walk out satisfied and full.

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