Pei Wei, Take 2

A was in town for her sister in law’s wedding. We got together and had lunch over the weekend. She suggested Pei Wei, I said yey, yey. C got some tea, because he always does. It was fancy tea. It came in a fabric sachet. Ooh la la! He said it was pretty good.
A got the ginger broccoli with chicken. I liked this a lot. It was gingery, but not overly gingery. Just gingery enough for me. A and C thought it wasn’t gingery enough. But I found it just fine. Crunchy broccoli and lots of nice white meat chicken. Good sauce. I’m a fan. I could totally see myself ordering this in the future.

C got the orange peel pork. This was also pretty good. Not very orangey, but the sauce had a good flavor and had a bit of a kick. It came with carrots and snap peas, which were a nice complement.

I got the chicken teriyaki bowl, since I tasted this the last time and fell in love with it. It was just as good as before. Really folks, it’s about the sauce. There’s even cooked spinach and carrots in this, and I do not like cooked spinach or carrots (I like them raw just fine). And because of the sauce, I even ate that. So damn good. And with the brown rice, of course. I need to know what kind of brown rice they use, and how they cook it, because it’s the best.

They’re pretty eager about trying to get dishes and glasses off the table. They tried to take A’s soda away, even when she wasn’t done with it. So if you don’t hold on to stuff, it might disappear. Watch out! I like this place. The food is good, the portions large, the prices reasonable.

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