What Snowboarders Eat

I went to Blue Mountain the other weekend to snowboard for the first time in a few years. I really thought I would have forgotten how to do this, but I remembered. It was like riding a bike. I’d forgotten what the food was like here. I think I’ve gotten the chili before. Perhaps some soup. I always ate at the Summit Lodge before, but this time around, we were at the Valley Lodge, all the way at the bottom.

By the time we ate, we were both famished. We’re dummies that forgot to eat breakfast. Then we boarded for a little bit. I was starvin! Nothing really appealed to me, but I needed fuel, so I got some chicken fingers. Boy, were these terrible. No amount of bbq sauce or honey mustard helped. They just weren’t good. You’d think it’d be hard to screw up some pre-made chicken fingers, but man, I just did not enjoy these in the least. And they didn’t have any regular gatorade. It was some weird fierce melon flavor. It wasn’t good either, but I figured I could use the electrolytes.

T got a crapload of food. A hot dog (which he said was good, as in soft enough to eat and not cause pain to his teeth which were sore from having just had work done), soup, and ice cream. I ended up eating his yogurt, which was also terrible. Overall, a not so fantastic food experience. But I felt much better after eating because my body was desperate for calories. But truly, when I say it was terrible, I mean it. You might want to pack a lunch!

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