Boathouse Lunch

Why is it that we always end up at the damn Boathouse for lunch? Well, we rarely go out to eat… there’s very few selections in downtown Conshohocken, and it’s damn skippy close. I wish there were more choices around here.

D got the french onion soup (I’m totally into french onion soup) and hot popcorn shrimp. That toast looks a little burnt, no? I tasted one of these shrimp… um… it was popcorn shrimp covered in tabasco. Not really something I would ever choose to eat again. I love me some hot sauce, but it should be a seasoning, not the seasoning.

R got a mushroom sandwich. This sandwich would be my ultimate nightmare… I don’t like mushrooms (except for a select few kinds) so to have it be the main ingredient of a sandwich… eeg. But I snagged some of her fries.I got one of the specials, which was a spinach salad with blackened mahi mahi. It came with a dijon dressing, but I passed on that since I don’t like mustard. This salad was alright. Perfectly acceptable, but nothing exciting. Seriously, their food isn’t that great. It’s a good thing they sell booze here…

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