From The Boot!

R had been talking about From the Boot for the past few weeks… insisting that we go there for lunch. We stopped by the other day and had a nice low-key meal. It’s a small BYOB italian place in a horribly unassuming strip mall in Lafayette Hill. It looks like just a crappy takeout place from the outside, but inside, it’s cozy and there are a small number of tables. It’s right next to a depressing looking sushi place.
The pasta lunch specials come with these garlic rolls. Oh my dear goodness. Piping hot… garlicky… parmesany… delicious! Man, these were worth the entire meal.

R got the cheese ravioli. I think there were 5 humongo ravioli. The pasta entrees also come with a house salad.

T got the penne rustica, with had chicken and portobellos in a cream sauce. Everybody liked their pasta.

I got a meatball parm sub, or half of one. This was good, but also friggin hot, and I burned the roof of my mouth. Oops. Service was good, our waitress was extremely nice and friendly, but she herself could have used a sandwich or 12. From the Boot was a nice surprise.

From the Boot
517 Germantown Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
(610) 834-8680

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