Patou Party

Friday was our company holiday party. Yes, it’s February. This is just the way it works for us. Get over it. Last year’s was at a hotel, but this time around, they rented out an entire restaurant – Patou. The place was surprisingly large. First room is a big bar, next areas are several dining areas where the open kitchen is. There’s also a small bar and some more seating available upstairs.
I didn’t eat much, but there was some food available, in random stations around the place. Big salad? Potatoes? Even the picture knows that I was drunk…

There were some appetizers that were floating around the place, including these little mini burgers, which were pretty tasty. There were also chicken skewers served with a hoisin based sauce. I didn’t snap a pic of it, I was too busy shoving them in my mouth. But the things floating around the place most? The drinks, and there were plenty!

There was some kind of meat being sliced, along with a giant chicken. I didn’t taste any of this, so I have no opinion. In fact, I can’t give my opinion at all about this place, other than it being large and pretty on the inside. The bartenders also were very skilled at making extremely strong drinks. The food? I have no idea.

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