Princess Party

If any of you remember about a year ago, K’s twins turned 3. Well, it’s that time again, and this time around, yes folks, they’re 4. So another kiddie shindig was had, with kick ass cuban and other dishes.

Chips and dips… delicious homemade guacamole, K style. Salsa and black bean dip, easy peasy. Some veggies courtesy of Gentile’s… some of the best carrot sticks I’ve had in a long time!

K always makes the best food, including some of the most kick ass salads ever.

Cuban black beans and rice. K’s not cuban, but she’s gotten so good at making this, that you would never know that she was an Irish lass.

Another great dish – rice and broccoli casserole.

Was this a cuban dish? I don’t know, but made by gran abuela, this was rice with veggies (peas, corn, carrots, red peppers) all topped with hard boiled egg. This was my favorite dish of the day.

Ok, this definitely wasn’t Cuban. It was couscous with apricots, and a mediterranean veggie stew to put over it. Random, but great.

And here are the little princesses with their matching pink and purple princess outfits. The grown up cake and the little cupcakes. I ate way too many of these cupcakes and even some of the cake. When in rome!

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