The Great Burger Taste-Off Of 2008: Ruby’s

I met A for lunch the other day and we decided to go for burgers at Ruby’s Diner. It’s one of those throwback 40’s style diner spots, with burgers and fries, fountain drinks, shakes, etc. The servers wear cheesy little red and white outfits with funny hats. Everything is in red and white and at the one in K of P, there’s a miniature train set that rolls around and a big motorcycle in the middle of the restaurant. Totally strange, I know.

I got a bacon cheeseburger with fries. All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, and ruby’s sauce. Ruby’s sauce is mayo with thousand island dressing… I asked for it on the side, as I am a simple ketchup girl. Their burgers are big and flat. The meat is a thin patty. A kept saying their burgers were flat and I was confused by what she meant, but when I got my burger, I totally understood. The bun is big, sesame seeded, and lightly toasted. The fries are plain and shoestringed, a la McDonald’s, and really, I dug these a lot. They were crisp and not greasy at all, just the way I like them. All in all, a good burger! Even though it’s a thin burger, it’s big (or wide at least) and greasy. Even with the paper it comes wrapped in, you’ll be using tons of napkins and stuff will be falling all out of it. It was actually such a big burger, I didn’t quite finish it, and that rarely happens!

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The Great Burger Taste-Off Of 2008: Ruby’s
  1. Dave says:

    Definitely try their sliders! =)

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