Chestnut Hill Sandwich Break

The other day we headed off to adorable Chestnut Hill for lunch. We did not have a destination. We just got there and roamed the streets for awhile. We didn’t go into Cake because it was full. We passed numerous little catering/lunch spots. After roaming for what seemed forever, we ended up at the Top of the Hill, which is a farm market, fish market, cafe combo.

It’s an adorable little space, and I totally loved the colors and the decor. Perhaps they hired an expensive interior decorator for this place, as they sell the most expensive sandwiches known to man. Ha!

R got an egg salad on a bagel. This bagel was positively overflowing with chunky egg salad. Looked good. She also got a little pasta salad that was pretty good. She got some pickles with her sandwich, I was jealous.

I got a special wrap of the day, which was thinly sliced honey baked ham with freshly sliced mango, honey mustard, and some greens. It was really quite good (I am totally going to make this combo at home some day) but so so so not enough sandwich for me. I could have used twice as much wrap, especially considering what they charged me. I should so not have been hungry and so was. I think that’s just normal Chestnut Hill Fare. The place was totally cute though, I’ll give you that. The whole town is damn cute.

Top Of the Hill
186 East Evergreen Ave
Chestnut Hill
Top of the Hill Market on Urbanspoon

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