Jannie In Warrington

Last weekend, en route to New Hope, we made a pit stop in Warrington to eat some dinner. Warrington – the stuff strip mall dreams are made of! At R’s suggestion, we went with Jannie’s, a chinese/japanese place next to the gigantic theater. This is the strangest looking asian restaurant I’ve ever been to. Seriously, look at the ceilings… they’re mirrored! They have modernish chandeliers with hand painted reliefs! Bizarro!

Onto the food… They have two sides of the menu, chinese and japanese. The place is run by chinese people though, so just be aware. And we got fried noodles and duck sauce, which is a totally chinese thing. R got some wonton soup and I got some hot and sour. She liked hers, mine was eh. I’ve had much better hot and sour many other places.

R got the pork lo mein. She barely put a dent in it, but it was really good. The noodles tasted especially fresh and so was the bbq pork.

I decided to go crazy and go with the japanese side of the menu and got yaki udon with shrimp. It came with a salad, and damn, I fell in love with their ginger dressing. I’ve had some good japanese ginger dressing in my day, but this was by far one of my most favorites… ever! It was super tangy and fresh and beyond full of flavor. I need to figure out how to make this!

My udon was alright. It was extremely seafood tasting (yes, I know I got seafood in it) in a strange way. It was also a bit salty. It tasted fine, but I think that Jannie is probably a bit better at doing the chinese thing, than the japanese thing. Service was fine, and there are some of the super fastest bus ever boys working at Jannie.

118 Easton Road
Warrington, PA 18976

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