Quick Stop At Pei Wei

On Saturday night, we made an unexpected quick stop to the Pei Wei on City Ave. It’s a good thing too, I was f’in starving. I’d been trying to recuperate from all the lack of sleep, and really was too tired to eat all day. So by the time this meal came around, I was ravenous!

C got the honey seared chicken with white rice. Nothing exciting here, but it was good. A little plain, completely palatable, I could see many people liking this.

I went with my standard pei wei fare – chicken teriyaki bowl with brown rice. And like I said before, here, it’s all about the brown rice. As usual, it was good. But it’s a bit hard to eat with chopsticks, as the brown rice is really flaky and separated.

Kudos to Pei Wei this evening… they didn’t charge for drinks. Is this a new thing? Not sure, but I was a fan. And we were there past the 10PM closing time, but they in no way tried to shoo us out of there, and didn’t even try to give us any hints to leave. I thoroughly appreciated not being hurried.

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