Quick Stop At The Palace At The Ben

I attended a Yelp happy hour at The Palace at the Ben last week… or at least I tried to. All the evil work powers that be were against me, but against all odds, I made it there, for the last wee half hour. It’s a fairly new indian joint inside the Ben Franklin House. Witness the hallowed gilded halls. Swanky, yes?

Since I got there so late, there wasn’t much to choose from as far as food. See, I didn’t even get to taste the papadum and whatever various small dishes it came with. Damn you!

I did snag one piece of the chicken tandoori. And let me tell you, it was good… and probably not just because I was starving.

I also got one of these fried onion things. No idea what it’s actually called, sorry. Again, this was good.

There were special complimentary rangpur rose cocktails for us… these were disgusting. It was straight up booze with a fairly strong ginger flavor. Blech. But they were free, so I drank two, and I was feeling pretty darn good.

From my very limited visit, I could still tell that this is a pretty cool place. It’s a thousand times swankier than most indian restaurants, but regardless, the food is good in my book, even from the two small bites I got. I would totally come back here for a proper meal.
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