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There are many sushi choices on the main line, and I’ve been to pretty much all of them in my life. But again and again, I go back to Sushi Land, the little gem in the heart of Bryn Mawr. It’s a cute little BYOB next to the Grog. And it’s always overrun with college students. And they have some of the best sushi on the main line. They have tons of roll options, and that’s pretty much what I’ve always gotten there. If you go here, you should really just get a slew of rolls and not even bother with any of the non-sushi choices.

J went with the mexican roll (bottom), lancaster roll (covered in cucumbers), philly roll (back right), and charley roll (back left). That’s a lot of rolls for one person, but as usual, he polished these all off with ease. We also got some miso soup. It’s pretty good here. I’d recommend it highly. The house salad on the other hand, I cannot recommend. It doesn’t have the regular ginger dressing. Instead, there’s a weird and not-so-pleasant nutty dressing (maybe pureed sesame seeds?) and I do not like it. I mean, it’s not terrible, but when I eat salad at a sushi place, I needs me some orange ginger dressing. And this weird beige paste just will not do.

Ok, so me? I got the villanova roll (back) and the cliff house roll (front). These are two of my favorites. The villanova roll is a favorite of many. And I hadn’t had cliff house in awhile, but I happily remembered how good it was. And I’ve always been a big fan of the mexican roll.

The only down side of sushi land is their spotty service. It’s really, really not that good. They take forever to give you your check, they don’t turn over tables very well (dirty dishes and spilled soy sauce will just lay at a table forever), and frankly, some of the the servers could use some lessons in smiling. It’s a good thing they have good food here, otherwise, the craptastic service could definitely drive people away. They also have all-you-can-eat nights here sometimes, if you can handle that. It gets packed with college kids trying to get their money’s worth, but they make it a fun time and keep the food coming all night long.

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Sushi Land – Land Of College Students
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