The Great Burger Taste-Off Of 2008: Cheeburger Cheeburger

Cheeburger Cheeburger is a Florida chain that’s recently made its way up to our parts. I’d never heard of this place until a coupla months ago when AJ decided to bring a bunch of burgers and frings for some folks at work. People were all about it, so I figured it was worth a go of my own. The closest locations are Frazer, Chadds Ford, Chalfont, and Langhorne. We visited the Chalfont location late on a Sunday. It was fairly deserted. The place is bright and neon. Really freakin bright. It’s decorated with 50’s kitchy stuff.

So the burger! While they have non-burger items like chicken sandwiches, salads, and entrees, they pretty much exist for cheeseburgers. There’s multiple sizes of burger depending on the amount of meat. The most popular is “the semi-serious” which is 1/3 lb. They also have a slightly smaller burger, as well as several that are bigger, including all the way up to “our famous pounder” which is actually 20 oz. If you finish this burger, they’ll take your picture and put it on a wall. I wasn’t going to try this.

J and I both got the semi-serious. You have your choice of cheese, of course, and also plenty of other toppings of your choice, as many as you want. There are a few specialty toppings that cost extra, like bacon and sauteed mushrooms. Otherwise, you can pile on as many free crazy toppings as you want, including onion rings, coleslaw, guacamole, pineapple, chopped garlic, as well as your more normal toppings. I’m a simple gal, I got lettuce, tomato, onion rings, sweet peppers, and mayo. The burger itself (or at least the meat) was actually much bigger than I expected it to be. With all the crap piled on it, it ended up being a pretty sizable burger. It comes on a buttered and toasted kaiser roll. Fancy. And uh, yeah, it was tasty. I dug it. We both did.

Oh yeah, they also have fries and onion rings, and even frings. Frings is just throwing fries and onion rings in the same container. We ordered some fries, and I totally devoured these. We got some cheese sauce, but you should totally skip this. They’re scrumptious with ketchup or just plain. I had the onion rings before from when AJ brought them, but I just found them really soggy and greasy. Take my advice, stick with the fries.

And oh yeah, oh yeah, they also have shakes. They have 75 flavors of ice cream? Dayam, that’s a lot. We got a half shake with peanut butter cup and vanilla ice cream. Pretty darn good I’d say. A little hard to eat with a straw, seeing as how there were huge chunks of peanut butter cup in it.

The service here was great and hilarious. It’s all teenagers that work here, and I had no idea that every teenage girl in Chalfont spoke like valley girls. They were totally accommodating with our indecisive butts and I think they enjoyed serving us. We were pretty good sports. The owners (or what seemed like owners) came over a couple times during our meal to ask how we were doing. The bottom line? They care! And they have fun slinging cheeburgers! If you live near one of these joints, I totally recommend it.

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The Great Burger Taste-Off Of 2008: Cheeburger Cheeburger
  1. tedge says:

    love this place. i had the pounder. looked pretty intense but i destroyed it. :)

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