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I arrived in LA on Monday, after taking an ungawdly early flight. Oh yeah, $5 breakfast box on United… blah. I wasn’t feeling particularly go-getter for lunch, but it was unbelievably warm outside (or even hot) so I decided to go for a stroll and grab some vittles near the office.

I stopped by Lemon Moon, which is in this big office space nearby, because I’d been there before and liked it, and because I could easily walk to it. The place is big and bright and airy and very happy. They have a proper menu of hot foods, but they have tons of cold salads to-go, which are easy and quick.

I’ve never eaten inside or outside of this place, but I think the best thing is the outdoor dining. Even though it’s on a busy street, there’s plenty of foliage strategically placed to make you think that you’re in some woody sanctuary, and not off the street in West LA.

I got some vermicelli salad and a kiwi lemonade. The lemonade didn’t taste very kiwi-y. It had the faintest hint of kiwi. In reality, it was just plain lemonade.

I like this rice vermicelli quite a bit. It’s light and fresh and has big simply cooked shrimp… and is loaded with veggies, eggs, and a light sauce. I’m a big fan. I want to figure out how to make this. They also give you two honkin pieces of some sourdough bread, which was also quite good. It’s a quick, simple, and tasty lunch.
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Within Walking Distance – West LA
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