Campus Eats – Don’t Be In A Hurry

After catching a film festival flick at the Bridge, we decided to grab a bite on campus. Look folks, there really isn’t much to choose on Penn’s campus. Truly. The pickins are damn slim. After walking around to no real avail, we ended up at Izzy and Zoe’s, which is essentially a deli. I think this place survives because there are tons of students who need to eat food. It was such an ordeal to even order. There were maybe 4 people working there, but only 1 person was taking orders, and he was also the only person making sandwiches. It was an insanely inefficient system. But this is not say that the food was not made with love. The one and only guy who actually was working, painstakingly constructed each sandwich with extreme attention to detail. Too much if you ask me.

Eventually when we did order, B got the “David’s Seal the Deal” which was smoked turkey, muenster cheese, honey mustard, all on grilled challah bread. I was almost tempted to get this myself.

Instead, I went with something crazy, the “Lovely Lindsey”, which was hot brisket with ketchup and fried onions slopped on top of two big ass potato latkes. I know looking at this picture it just looks like barf on a plate, but trust me, this was surprisingly awesome. The latkes were thick and crunchy on the outside. And with a hunk of that and a bunch of meat and onions and ketchup, gosh, I ate the whole damn thing. You knew I would.

So the service is awful, we can all agree to this. If you don’t care about that and aren’t in a hurry, it really is not a horrible place. If you do care about that and are in a time crunch, please avoid at all costs.

Izzy & Zoe’s
224 S 40th St
Philadelphia 19104
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