More Food At Johnny Brenda’s

I had another meal at Johnny Brenda’s last weekend before catching a surprisingly fun show. I don’t remember the big back dining area being open the last few times I was there (or maybe it was just dark and I didn’t notice) but it is open now and luxurious and spacious. It’s also away from the main bar and the main noise, so it’s actually a pleasant place to grab a bite.

Johnny Brenda’s doesn’t have a printed menu, as their selections change daily. So everything is written on chalkboards. Note to JB’s, write a little bit bigger for those of us visually challenged. Even with corrective lenses, I had to go and stand right below it to see it clearly. I’ve heard good things about their grilled octopus but didn’t go for it this time. I’ll save that for another day.

D got the cubano sandwich. Since he is a writer, I decided to let him delight you in his own words. “Unfortunately, I don’t remember what was actually IN the cubano. But I know this: it had bread. The bread was good. A little hard but not too hard. Hard enough to keep it from getting soggy. There was a condiment involved. A mayo or cheese. That was it! It had a cheese! The cheese was rather liquidy–hence the threat of sogginess–but tasty. To put it in perspective: it was better than a pot pie. On the whole? Delectable. That’s a fancy blog term, right? The cubano was goodo.”

And me? I got the shrimp kabob. It came on a warm and tasty pita with a yogurty sauce. Some veggies thrown in there too. This was mighty fine. The sauce was surprisingly spicy. To steal D’s words, the shrimp kabob was goodo.

The service here was fine. We were marvelling at the number of Bic pens the waitresses had stuck in her hair. And she kept us full of beers. This was the first time I’d drank in awhile, and man, did I ever enjoy these fine brews. You all know how much I love this place, so look for many more posts about it in the future. Next time, the grilled octopus.
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