Spasso Small Bites

I got to attend another fabulous Yelp happy hour the other night at Spasso Italian Grill. It’s an italian (der) place on Front Street, in old city, and I’ve never heard so many people speak with such strong italian accents! Not even in the italian market!
It was a wine tasting along with some select appetizers. I didn’t partake of the wine as I was still not drinking, but everyone seemed to like the selections.
Bruschetta. Good, but extremely oily. I had to grab a dozen napkins.

Some kind of chicken skewer with a slightly sweet marinade. Didn’t seem very italian at all.

Mussels with tons of garlic. These were the best appetizers they served all night. Loved em.

Not sure what this was… some type of phyllo dough appetizer thing. Wasn’t too crazy about it.

Polenta wrapped with prociutto. Strange, yet good.

Those aren’t mozzarella sticks! This is a classy joint people! Those were actually mashed potato croquettes served with marinara. And on the right? Some kind of doughey ball, possibly with either potato bits or shrimp. I wasn’t sure.

I’ve heard some great things about the regular food here. After this hint of a taste, I’ll be sure to go back there for a proper meal.
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