Tacos In Ntown

You guys, Friday was f’in beautiful, no? We had to step out for lunch. I had a hankering for tacos, so we headed over to the mean streets of Norristown for some mexican action. I’ve posted about this place before, Taqueria La Michoacana, so this isn’t new territory. It wasn’t too busy during lunch, probably because everybody wanted to eat outside. Al fresco dining in Norristown probably isn’t the best idea. The complimentary chips and salsa were good, as usual. The chips were nice and hot and only slightly greasy, and we had three different types of salsas – verde, something red (maybe a chipotle), and pico de gallo. None of them were very spicy.

R got the enchiladas americanas(?). She asked for green sauce, but it came with red and green sauces. Who cares… she just liked em.

I got the carnitas tacos and rice and beans. Chunks of pork in corn tortillas with a sprinkling of onions and cilantro. Simple and good. The rice and beans were great, as usual. Service wasn’t the speediest, but that’s ok. The food more than makes up for it.
Taqueria La Michoacana
301 E Main Street
Norristown, PA 19401
(610) 292-1971

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Tacos In Ntown
  1. David von Glahn says:

    Love your Blog! My wife and I love this place after just discovering it recently. We also tried August Moon across the street (thanks to you) and the sushi was excellent.

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