Watching Live Music Makes Me Hungry

After catching some local bands at Johnny Brenda’s on Friday night, the kids were feeling hungry, and because I was the driver, I had to go along, right? It was the middle of the night, so there weren’t too many options. We ended up in Rittenhouse at the Midtown III. It’s a total divey diner. It’s a rather hideous place… crazy bright lighting, weird chandeliers hanging everywhere, just awful. You don’t go here for ambiance people, you go here because you’re drunk and hungry (neither of which I actually was that night).
C got the grilled ham and cheese and fries. It was weird, his fries were seasoned, but the fries at another table were plain. We didn’t quite understand why.

Lox and bagels again? That’s right. Of course that’s what R ordered. Look at those giant friggin tomatoes. And that giant hunk of cream cheese? I’d like to see the ginourmous block of cream cheese that got hacked off from.

I’m not sure what compelled me, but I got the cream chipped beef. Maybe because it’s fun to say that I ate shit on a shingle. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the whole thing. The shingles, the shit, and the accompanying home fries. Actually, I really enjoyed the home fries a lot. I was impressed. I told you I wasn’t hungry, but as soon as I started eating, I realized I was famished.

The service was quite good. Our waitress was extremely nice and the food came out fairly quickly. We even got to see a guy so drunk that he couldn’t walk out of the place by himself. Ah… good times!

Midtown III Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge
28 S 18th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 567-5144

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Watching Live Music Makes Me Hungry
  1. Gastronomer says:

    Man, if I knew this place had lox and bagels I would’ve stopped in! I passed by this place twice everyday on my way to and from work. A shame…

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