Beau Monde!

The sis-in-law was insisting on getting crepes. We had gone to the other place last year, so we went to Beau Monde this time. Whoo hoo! Finally! I’ve been wanting to go here for a long ass time. The place is adorable on the inside. Very frenchy. There is also some outside seating. We got there fairly early and almost scored an outside seat, but got screwed out by people who had been waiting for it.

Mom got the scrambled eggs with blueberries and maple syrup in a sweet crepe. How was this? Um… good!

My bro was the only one who got a savory crepe. He got the andouille sausage, ratatouille and caramelized tomato sauce crepe. Oh yeah, this was good too. But in a completely non-sweet crepe way.

Sis-in-law got the pears, chocolate, and creme anglaise crepe. This was good too, but I wasn’t too crazy about it. It’s not for me.
I got the banana, white chocolate, caramel, and vanilla ice cream crepe. Oh baby. This was better than I thought it would be. And people, these crepes are big. You will be stuffed. I can see why everybody raves about this place. The crepes are stupendous. The place is adorable, the service is pretty good, the food comes out quick, and it has a good vibe. I like that there’s so much variety that you could come here and get something different each time. That’s my plan.
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Beau Monde!
  1. Gastronomer says:

    YAY! You finally went to Beau Monde! Am very jealous of your banana crepe…

  2. Asianmommy says:

    Mmmm…those crepes look fabulous!

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