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I went to a show later this week and stopped by Grace Tavern for a pre-show bite. I’ve been wanting to go here for awhile since I’d heard about the blackened green beans. I knew I was going to be getting these. D got the kelly burger, which came with bacon and cheddar. Also, a side of delicious fries with Monk’s bourbon mayo. Once again, I let D be a guest blogger.

“That’s good burger, very tasty. Those are good fries. They’re spicy fries. If I didn’t like spicy fries, I wouldn’t have liked these spicy fries.”

Yeah, he’s right, they are spicy fries. And they’re good spicy fries. Oh baby.

Our waiter looked straight out of 80’s glam band Faster Pussycat. It was freakin uncanny, and his pants were so damn tight. I asked him for a recommendation and he recommended the jambalaya. So I went with it. Not bad. Certainly not great, but not bad. Shows you what happens when you trust the opinions of a glam metal guitarist. The garlic bread was pretty good too, but perhaps a bit too crunchy.

Onto the best part of the meal… Behold the blackened green beans! Fresh green beans smothered in magical blackened spice. They were certainly spicy, and certainly crunchy. I really enjoyed these. Your fingers get blackened too, and probably your teeth. It comes with the same Monk’s bourbon mayo, and it’s a nice thing to dip into. I got the small order, but it came with a decent amount of beans. Next time? I’ll just get a big thing of beans and a big thing of fries.

Other than his overly tight pants, the service by Mr. Faster Pussycat was just fine. The place is really dark and pretty small. Most of it is bar, and there is a very tiny dining area with probably about 16 seats. It really filled up right after we got there. So good luck getting a table!
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