Pre-Music Dinner At Honey’s

Last friday night, we were supposed to go to Johnny Brenda’s and check out some music… but I’m a jackass and didn’t buy tickets, and of course it was sold out, and of course we were denied. I was actually going to go to JB’s and try the grilled octopus (I promised myself I would), but instead, we ended up at Honey’s instead.

It was pretty late, but the place was still packed. There were no tables free, so we sat at the counter.

Yes, R got the bagel with nova lox. But she was this close to getting the challah french toast! In fact, after her first bagel, she realized that she should have gotten the french toast. Incidentally, I make a mean challah french toast. I’m not a big breakfast eater, and I’m not that keen of a breakfast maker, but my challah french toast skills are on point.

Even though I’m a full-blown omnivore to the n-th degree, sometimes, I purposely choose to eat a vegetarian meal. I went with a veggie chicken fried steak. Ok, so it was nothing like chicken fried steak at all. It was basically a couple of veggie burger patties with a hint of southwestern spices, that came with a big vat of white gravy. Put anything in white gravy and it’s mmm, mmm, good! I got to pick two sides, and I went with the latke and the mac and cheese. It also came with a biscuit that I forgot to snap a pick of. This biscuit was wicked good. It came buttered and there was homemade blueberry jelly for it. Delicious! I had the mac and cheese the last time I was here, but for whatever reason, it was a thousand times better this time. I wish I’d gotten a whole big thing of it.

You know, the service here… it’s meh. The servers tend to be surly hipsters, and sometimes they act like they can’t be bothered to serve you, but really, I’ve had worse service before in my life. It was a little slow that night, but it was mostly fine. Their food is pretty darn good, so it makes up for it.

Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat
800 N 4th St
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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