Surprise Patio Cafe

Normally, we get fed on Wednesdays. Because we had an all-company meeting on Thursday, and they were going to feed us then, we didn’t get fed on Wednesday. So it was a big mystery as to what I was going to eat for lunch. Then lo and behold, an awesome hump day surprise, when we got flyers saying that the Patio Cafe next door was open! Whoo hoo! On wednesdays during the summer, the building next door grills up a storm and offers a $6 lunch. We’re all big fans.
I got the burger meal… with an angus burger, chips, drink, pasta salad, and cookies. It’s a bargain people, and it’s good.

They always have burgers and hot dogs and then something else. This week, they had salmon. T got the salmon meal.

R went with the hot dog meal. They ran out of cookies so she got watermelon. How healthy of her. It’s the start of summer people, and I’m excited.

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