Why Does Everyone Think Blackfish Only Serves Seafood?

Whenever we go out to lunch at work, we end up at places like the Great American Pub (bad), the Boathouse (worse), or Chiangmai (good). I’ve been wanting to go to Blackfish for awhile, and I finally got a chance to go. I had a little lunch date with my old teammates. Yeah, that’s right, I have old teammates now. Whoo hoo! But I digress…

It’s an adorable little BYOB tucked between the Pub and the Boathouse. You’d never know that something like this would be on Conshy’s main strip. The place is really bright and clean and simple. You can’t smoke there. There’s no frat boys. There’s al fresco dining.
The lunch menu is sparse, and surprisingly, with only one seafood choice. I’d been hearing about their burgers, so I had to get one. In fact, we all got the burger. Then everybody asked why we ate burgers at a seafood restaurant. They didn’t see the menu! I also heard that their pot pie and the shepherd’s pie were also quite awesome. That’s for next time.

Even the drinks came in big wine glasses. Fancy schmancy. Their tables were very very shiny and black. R couldn’t stop pointing that out.

The burger? Mine was loaded with extremely thick bacon and caramelized onions. Oh, how I love caramelized onions. This burger was ginormous, and delicious. It came between a brioche bun. All in all, this burger almost rivals the burgers at Good Dog. But I said almost. I’m still devoted to the Good Dog burger, but this comes a close second. The fries were also pretty damn good. I asked for my burger to be well done (I always do, sorry) and it defintely was well done. In fact, it was a little charred, but that’s ok, I like things charred.

Service was good. We got there pretty early and were the only ones there for a bit. But eventually, the place filled up with business-type folk wearing khakis and polos. It’s a nice and peaceful respite from the keg parties going on next door.
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Why Does Everyone Think Blackfish Only Serves Seafood?
  1. R :P says:

    What’s wrong with doing one thing but doing it right, they SHOULD just serve seafood!

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