Barely Eating At Mexican Post

I got attend a lovely outdoor Yelp happy hour the other night at Mexican Post‘s center city location. The food and drinks at Mexican Post? Not too hot. But the outdoor patio and company? Perfect on this breezy evening. You see, at other Yelp happy hours, the establishments lavish us with plenty of food, and better yet, plenty of free booze. This time around, we weren’t so lucky. The food was few and far between and gone in a blink. And the drinks? They were stingy with them, and poured out in teeny little one sip cups. Needless to say, we were all seriously disappointed.

Wings, of the hot and bbq variety. A mexican restaurant who serves hot wings and bbq wings? There’s nothing mexican food about these. They were ok, but I’ve had much better wings pretty much anywhere.

Chicken quesadillas. Not terrible, not great either.

Some nachos. Where’s the sour cream? And the guacamole? Salsa? This was some of the unmexicany mexican food I’d encountered in awhile.
Spanish fries they called these. Does sprinkling some red powdered stuff on top of something give you rights to call it spanish? Gah.
Here’s the watered down barely one-sip cups. If they were regular strength and in a human sized portion, they would probably have been quite enjoyable. But like I said, the patio was great. And if their food was good, it would have been that much better.

PS – Their bathrooms ain’t bad. The sinks are cute, and while not the nicest or cleanest, the tile flooring was adorable. These are the floors I want, truly.
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Barely Eating At Mexican Post
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  25. phreaked says:

    I went to the Mexican Post in Center City on a quiet Sunday about 2 months back. Horrendous.

    The food wasn’t that great, nor the service… and I’m really not a picky bitch so I’m glad someone echoes me on this.

    I posted a blog about it too:

    It was the last part of a very long day, so scroll to the end if you wanna check it out.

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