Closing Marra’s Kitchen

On saturday night, we’d planned on having a nice leisurely dinner at Marra’s on Passyunk. Wouldn’t you know it, we get stuck on damn 76 for a freakin hour. Damn you Schuylkill shoulder repaving project! So by the time we finally got to Marra’s, it was damn late, and we were freakin starvin.

The inside of this restaurant is fairly unattractive. I don’t think anything has changed since it opened a gazillion years ago. But that’s ok, you don’t come here for the ambiance. You get some free bread, and by jove, we inhaled that loaf like we hadn’t eaten in weeks.

R got the chicken parm. Damn, if that’s not one of the largest pieces of chicken I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life. Entrees come with a side of pasta or veggie, and she got angel hair. I should have gotten pasta too, but I got the broccoli instead. It was good though, nice and garlicky. I usually like to try different stuff, but I got the eggplant parm again. I got it the first time I was at Marra’s. It was still good.

The food here is good and not expensive at all. And as you can see, you get giant portions. The service is just ok, as there’s plenty of south philly attitude. But this isn’t a place for sweet service or lovely decor, it’s all about the authentic italian cuisine.
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Closing Marra’s Kitchen
  1. R says:

    Nice blog banner

  2. Anonymous says:

    Def. don’t go to Marra’s for anything other than the pizza, which is some of Philly’s best. Looking for some starters or sides? Do the broccoli rabe, I guess a salad, and some olive oil with that bread. Entree experiences here have been somewhat painful. Pizza rules it, though.

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